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June 9, 2013
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You were different to other people in you school. That's probably why nobody hangs out with you. You were different mainly because of your sense in style; it wasn't your fault you liked rock and heavy metal. It wasn't your fault that you liked a mix of emo and punk style. But people always treat you differently because of that. Bullies always picked on you for being different. And the thing is, you tend to get into fights that the bullies start and always end up losing just because there are more of them. 

You were at your locker preparing for your first lesson before you felt a sharp tug on your back combed ponytail and a rough shove into your locker.
'Here we go' you thought this everyday. This has become a routine thing now. You made your way to first lesson: English.

When you entered the classroom you noticed a new boy in the class. He was wearing  a Mountie jacket and shades on his shoulder length hair that was tied back in a short ponytail. A stubborn curl protruded from the front of his head. He had violet eyes that had no interest in them. The bell rang as everyone but him sat I their places. 
"Alright class, we have a new student with us today. He's from Canada and he only moved here last weekend." the teacher started. "Would you like to introduce yourself?" The new boy stepped forwards.
"Well I'm Matthew Williams but people call be Matt." the boy said casually. 
"Well Mr Williams we'll place you next to Miss [last name]." The teacher gestured to the free space next to me. Matt casually strolled over and slumped himself down in the seat next to me. The teacher started the lesson and both you and Matt lost interest half way through.

~~~~~~~~~~~~(Le time skip that wastes your time irony!!!!!)~~~~~~~~~~~

School was over and for some reason you couldn't get Matt's eyes out of your head. Those beautiful violet eyes.... Did you just call them beautiful?! You shook your head to clear your head when a arm flew across in front of you.
'Oh boy' that thought flew across your head as you ducked from a punch aimed at your nose.
"'Sup emo?" the obnoxious voice jeered at you. 
"Piss off! I'm not in the mood!" you tried to push pass them. The boys just laughed and pushed you back. 
"I don't think so." the four boys stalked towards you cracking their knuckles intimidatingly. You let out a groan before you lifted your fist to meet his nose. The bully staggered back a bit before throwing a punch at you. You managed to get out the way only to meet a fist in your gut. You felt the wind leave your lungs before going crumpled to your knees. You opened your eyes to see a foot aimed to your nose. You moved sideways and the kick scraped your cheek. You swiped your feet under two of the bullies flooring them and proceeded to stand up. As you did you felt a fist slam into your nose. You snap kicked that bully in the groin and watched him collapse into his knees with a cry of agony. You felt two pairs of rough hands grab you and slam you into the lockers. The last bully stood in front of you with a fist ready to knock you out. You closed you eyes waiting for that blow but it never came. You opened your eyes to see Matt standing in front of you with the bully's fist in his hand. 
"The fuck is your problem?!" Matt growled. His eyes were furious. "Picking on someone four against one?" He threw a punch at the bully's nose hearing a satisfying crunch and the two holding you let go to attack Matt. You used this chance to throw a spinning back kick to one of the bully's head. The other two stood side by side and growled in frustration. You looked at Matt to see his violet eyes full of anger. 
"Why the fuck are you protecting her?!" one of them yelled. "You barely even know that freak!"
"Why are you picking on her in the first place eh?" Matt snapped. 
"Because she's a freak!" one bully made a swing for your face only to be punched in the face by Matt. The other one made a swing for Matt but your fist met his face before he could land it. 
In not too much time the four boys scrambled away in fear from both you and Matt. You wiped a bit of blood away from your nose. 
"So people pick on you 'cause you're different eh?" Matt asked casually. 
"Yeah... It's a thing with me." you brushed down your leather cropped jacket. "I don't like being the same as everyone else."
" Well they are total assholes eh?" He sighed as he tucked his hand into his pocket. 
"Tell me something I don't know." you looked at him, at his beautiful violet eyes. You admitted it. He was hot. 
"So ... Do you wanna go out sometime eh?" you were surprised at the abruptness of this question. "to show me around eh?" You could see a light blush on his face. 
"Sure." you replies simply. 
"So tonight at 5?" He suggested. "My place?" He gave you a piece of paper with his address and phone number on. 
"It's a date." you blurted out without thinking. You saw him look at you in surprise and amusement. "You know why I mean..." You looked away with your cheeks warming up. 
"Okay... See you then eh." Matt started heading towards the gates of the school as you headed back to your locker to pick up your bag. But one thing played over and over in your head:
"I'm going on a date with Matthew Willams!"
~~~~~~~(le teim spik brought to you by dyslexic danny)~~~~~~~~~~ 

You Reached the front of Matt's house at 5 sharp. He was waiting at the door in his Mountie jacket and black jeans. 
"Hey." you called casually. Matt was wearing his shades as he walked down his porch. 
"That's a nice look for you." He said whilst looking away with the slightest hint of blush on his cheeks. You looked down at your (f/c) vest and black ripped jeans and your leather jacket an fingerless gloves. You lined your eyes with black eyeliner and put your hair up in a massy back combed ponytail. 
"Thanks." Your cheeks warmed up. "Well shall we get going?" Matt nodded as you two headed down to the city. 
You showed Matt all of the interesting places for a couple of hours an you two stopped in a café for a break. 
"Why do people pick on you because you're different?" he asked as he stirred his hot chocolate slowly. You shrugged your shoulders at this. "I don't see anything wrong with you."
"I guess it's because how emotionless I get. Everyone knows that I haven't smiled since 2nd grade." you took a sip of your hot chocolate. 
"Oh yeah I heard some rumors about that eh." Matt leaned his chin on the palm of his hand. "So it's true then, why is it?"
"I guess nothing really makes me smile anymore." you stared down into your hot chocolate. "People don't like me because of that." You suddenly felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist. You turned your head to see Matt. 
"I like you eh." He almost whispered in your ear. "I like you because you're different." Suddenly a pair of soft lips connected with yours. You took a second to realize  that it was Matt then you kissed back. As you two pulled away you let out a small smile which was returned by Matt. Your first smile in years.

"I love you because you're unique." 
I was thinking about how I am at school and I raise that I'm very different compared to other people and I mean VERY different. So I decided to write this and since impn a 2P!Canada mini phase I paired the reader up with 2P!Canada.

Questions, constructive critisism and pointing out mistakes are welcome.

2P!Canada belongs to Himayura-sempai
You belong to :iconsexy2pcanadaplz:
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I smile a lot
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I rarely show my emotions accualy 
You know the sad thing that i haven't smile for years now.
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Someday i will smile.
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You just have to wait for or find the right person to make you smile.
I hope soon....
OMG This is like Love attack matt and the reader are like the scariest couple in the school :3 tell me something I don't know * sings*
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